Ligneah© stemmed from the desire to create a new material that is natural, sustainable and cruelty-free. It is wood that has become soft as leather and as flexible as a fabric. This is where the love for design, innovation and sustainability takes shape.

Fashion is merely the first industry to have realized the potential of this new material. The uses are endless, because everything that can be made from a textile or leather can also be made from Ligneah©.



Our Commitment

The wood used by Ligneah© comes exclusively from forests that are managed ethically and with respect for the whole ecosystem. The certification FSC© guarantees the traceability and origin of the wood. Thanks to an agreement with Tree Nation, for each product sold a tree is planted in Niger.
We chose Tree Nation because it is an independent international organization committed to fighting climate change, desertification and poverty by promoting and supporting reforestation projects in different parts of the world.






Packaging & Giftware
& Interior Design
Mobile phone cases
Household linens and curtains
Upholstery (chairs, sofas)
Home sheets


Softness, texture, flexibility, weight, and tickness all depend on:

- Type of wood used
- Type of support
- Type of processing
- Type of coatingType of wood essence used


News 2016

All Ligneah material, through a specific processing, can become fireproof. Therefore they can be used in those sectors where this characteristic is required : automotive and furniture.

Wood Species

These are the types of wood we process to produce LIGNEAH ®


Micro-incisions made by laser help to increase the pliancy of the wood panel. The closer together the lines of incision, the softer the wood becomes.
The main textures used in the laser process are:

Vector Engrave

The engravings vectors that have characterized Ligneah from the beginning are here resumed and accentuated, while the thickness and the type of adhesive represents the innovation of Ligneah “Vector”. Wooden extracts used for this line are: ash, birch, maple, bolivar, walnut, cherry, beech and multi-laminated.
The wood thickness variesbetween 2/10 and 4/10mm, while the support varies between 2/10 and 6/10 mm.
The performance of the new glue allows Ligneah “Vector” to be used for footwear and all those articles that are normally subjected to severe structural stress both during processing and everyday use.
Considering the extreme resistance to heat, the material can also be applied in production processes where the vulcanization is required as in the case of sports shoes. The extreme softness of Ligneah “Vector” makes the material suitable for all sectors, from fashion (accessories, clothing, footwear) to automotive and furniture.

  • T1

    Usage: Fashion Accessories, Coverings, Giftware
    The special feature of this texture is to make the surface of the material softer, while still maintaining a certain solidity. It is very... Click here to discover the variants >>
  • TX

    Usage: Fashion accessories, clothing, furniture, upholstery, giftware.
    This texture is the most complex and time-consuming to produce. It is also is more like a fabric than any of the other materials, in terms... Click here to discover the variants >>
  • T4

    Usage: Footwear, and all those applications that require the material to be shaped.
    As with TX, texture T4 makes the surface of the material appear similar to a finely woven fabric. The incisions in this texture almost... Click here to discover the variants >>
  • T Linear

    Usage: Articles for the office, packaging, accessories for mobile phones.
    This texture is produced by incising a series of parallel lines in the opposite direction to the wood fibres. This solution enables... Click here to discover the variants >>

Total Engrave

Thanks to a process of calibration and laser branding, Ligneah visually loses its vector engravings and presents itself with a smooth surface.
The wood average thickness is 1/10 mm, while the support varies between 2/10 and 6/10 mm.
Total Engrave maintains all the external characteristics of the wood, while intensifying the flaming and remaining smooth, thin and flexible to the touch.
The material can be used for clothing, footwear, and upholstery.
A further feature is represented by the completely water-based adhesive that confers a pleasant fragrance which characterizes the material throughout its life.
Finally, the external appearance can be enhanced by coupling the support with different shades. The contrast between the used shade and the supports’ color enhances or mitigates flaming.

Raster Engrave

This last news is the summary of our initial philosophy that inspirited us to realize the first material Ligneah. Our dream was to create a natural and eco-sustainable material that would have been in all and for all similar to animal skin. This first illumination sees in Raster line its realization.
The product retakes the visual and tactile aspects from one of the most prestigious and valued animal skins: snake, crocodile, elephant, fish. Moreover, we succeeded obtaining natural surfaces such as bark and bed of leaves.
Raster line is available in several essences: natural and dyed ash, birch, oak, maple, cherry, bolivar walnut, and all multi-laminar.
The wood thickness varies between 1/10 and 3/10 mm, the support thickness varies between 2/10 and 6-7/10 mm.
All surface types maintain three-dimensionality, textures and colors of the animal skin.
The material can be used for clothing, footwear, and upholstery.


This material can be elaborated in many different ways, multiplying the possible combinations and opening up numerous creative opportunities.